Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Moo Cards anyone?

I love free stuff. I especially love FREE Moo business cards! For $6 (shipping) you can get 50 of the most high quality cards - that I've ever seen, anyway- for your business, as tags for gifts, whatever. Moo has a few good ideas for what to do with them. So of course I got some for my new shop PeanutEnvy - which needed some business cards. I love that you have options even with the free cards - you can upload images from Flickr, Etsy, Facebook, Picasa & Smugmug...because a lot of times you see "free" but you only get the most basic and generic option that really doesn't showcase anything except how bland you are. Not YOU, but how you are portrayed an said bland "free" item. You can also pick pre-made templates that are super fun and modern..unlike some free images, these ones you will actually be proud to display with your name on it. They even give you a "green" option to pick the paper you want. Anyways, the one thing you get  in exchange is a promo bar that Moo puts there for its own advertising - this makes your card slightly bigger, but hey they're free!


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