Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Story not on Halloween

I was looking thru my MySpace blogs (do people still go there?) and I found this post I wrote in June of 2006. It has a Halloween-ish theme and it was fun to relive that - in my mind of course.

When something screeches across the room and latches on someones neck, I gotta laugh because what is that thing? - Jack Handy

Its a Bat
And speaking of bats, i have a story....Last night Morgan went to teach a partnership class so Maddy and I hung out at he house. I'm on the computer doing whatever i feel like and Maddy's asleep in the swing. If anyone's been in our house, they know that we have  mirrored closet doors  in the front room. the computer is next to those doors so i can see part of the room behind me. From the corner of my eye I see something whirling over and over again. I thought it was the mobile from the swing going back and forth...from as far as I could tell by a glance at the mirror. So then I hear flapping and completely puzzled, I turn around to see what i thought was a baby bird flying in circles in my living room. I freak out! this thing is swooping and diving everywhere, so I'm Army crawling on the floor trying to hide, I rip off this sheet covering a chair and put it over Maddy so she didn't get any guano on her or get bit. I am so freaked out at this point...i crawl to the door, open it and knock on my neighbors door. She comes out and I tell her "a birds flying around in my house, what do i do? Im freakin out!" So she comes over and the thing is flying like crazy, not until it landed on the blinds did we know it was a BAT! So of course I freak out even more, hiding out the doorway while she tries to save the day. She was courageous enough to put a sheet over it and try to release it out the window...but that failed cuz it jumped right back in onto the table..that we eat on! It screeched and took off flying and then dropped on the floor. Erica was afraid that she hurt it, i was like to hell with if its hurt, kill it or get it outta here! So after she thinks its hurt she tells me to call 911 (she's an animal lover, my baby coulda got bit and DIED! NOW lets call 911? But we were so frazzled,  we didn't think of it sooner) So this thing keeps swooping and landing on all my stuff, vases, picture frames, my couch, ewwww. it was so gross. So finally it dropped by the window and she scooped it out and quickly shut the window. Then of course, when we fixed the problem, the cops show up. perfect timing is what they probably thought. So I was relieved and thanked her as much as i could for getting a screeching rabies infested bat out of my house. So as soon as its all over , the minute exactly, Morgan strolls thru the back door totally oblivious to what just happened 3 seconds ago. I'm still paranoid Batty will come back for revenge. I have NO idea how it got in, NONE! So now after this incident, its time to call the landlord and try to haggle the rent down a few hundo. I'll tell him to get the rest of the rent from the bat.


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