Monday, October 18, 2010

Sufjan Stevens, I will see you if its the last thing I do!

Sufjan Stevens mock gig poster by Emilydove on Etsy

.................And I missed him yet again! He was here in Chicago and I didn't even know he was even touring - my bad. I've seen all of my favorite music geniuses; Morrissey (many times over), Depeche Mode - even met Dave Gahan, Les Savy Fav, DFA 1979, The Cure, Jamiroquai, U2. The list is probably into the hundreds of bands I've seen; yet Sufjan constantly eludes me...that sly fox. Though I did hear that is tickets were in the $100 range. That's too rich for my blood...and his.


I feel ya. We missed him too! Of course we already missed two of our other favorites (The Strokes and Hot Chip at Lolapalooza) so this is just one more downer to add to our list.

The hubby wrote a Sufjan review that will be up on the blog Wednesday. "Chicago" was the theme song for our Chicago move!

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