Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Shop: PeanutEnvy

For 2 whole years I've been waiting to open this shop! For now I'll be selling these plush Matryoshka dolls til I try out some other patterns I've worked on. I was SO angry to see that someone out there jumped on my idea to make a certain something. An idea I've been sitting on that I thought was so cool which now won't be considered my original idea. I guess its a ya snooze ya lose kinda thing. Though, I swear someone is out there stealing ideas from my head! Do you ever think that there really are mind readers out there JUST to steal and sell your ideas. I think big businesses have them and exploit the heck out of it. Anyway, enough of my conspiracy theorizing...Peanut Envy is open! I've got more to list and 8 more in the making so in due time, the shop will be a bit more plentiful in regards to merch.


Congrats and good luck with it. Those are just adorable.


Super Cute! Best of Luck to you with your new shop!

Samantha :)

VERY cute!! Good luck with your shop!

Thank you all - its much appreciated!

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