Friday, September 12, 2008

Another fun vintage find!

Last weekend we went to an estate sale. When you think about it, estate sales are really just rummaging thru a dead persons things. You have all access to wander about the house taking whatever you want. It creeped me out a bit, especially thinking when I die, will a bunch of strangers go scavenging around my house trying to haggle my belongings? The good part was this was probably the coolest dead lady ever! First of all, she was a seamstress - so there were boxes upon boxes of bias tape, rickrack, needles, fun weird sewing gadgets that aren't sold anymore, so I got a ton of that. Then I got this super neat contact paper that is a flashy gold and yellow damask pattern. The thing I loved most is that she had OLD appliances in mint condition; washers and refrigerators like you'd see on the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, like from the 40's. My best find that I could actually take home was this kick-a toaster. I saw it and it was over; it was mine - and for $3, that's not bad.

Its a Dormeyer toaster made here in Chicago! I dont know when it was made. I love buying vintage stuff...its whats left of things made in America.


Love the toaster, can't believe you got it for only $3! That is so true that vintage is probably the last of things made in USA--never thought of that before. Of course with the exception of US sellers on Etsy!

That is so awesome! And $3 - Not bad at all!

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