Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you've ever lost your way...

Get a compass and find your way back again! I bought this way neat compass ring from JeweledAbrosia's lovely etsy shop - I came in the mail today. Its a fun thing to have when lost! Its funny how when you get off the red or blue line (the underground ones) and you are completely confused as to which direction you need to go once you come up to the street - at least, thats always my problem. I think I got this ring for that very reason. No more walking miles in the wrong direction for me!


Tami this is soo awesome! Btw I just started a blog and will begin selling on Etsy soon. Mine is .

Thanks so much, I am glad you love this ring.

What a lovely blog, I will have to visit more often :)

I love your Blog. Did you post a final photo of your couch? I'd love to see it. As a mother of two, I love it when you admit that kids are hard sometimes! Mine are so funny, creative, beautiful and full of life but... sometimes they are a handful! I just don't understand why they don't do what I say, when I say it... ALL of the time...HA HA
Keep Blogging-LOVE IT!

Thanks Victoria! Heres the finished couch!

Aw, I love your blog! And that is to die for!

Great idea for a ring - I should get one too! I'm always walking in the wrong direction :)

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