Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waste not, want not

OK, I'm sort of a pack-rat, but in a good way! I have a hard time throwing away things I can see some future use for. In this case its mineral make-up jars. I have loads of them with nothing in them and all they do is take up real estate in the medicine cabinet. So, since I'm getting back into making jewelry again (see my shop soon for that!) I decided I really needed to organize my beads - mainly my 4mm crystals. These jars are totally perfect to store them in. I sorted them in the jars by colors and wrote the colors on the lids with a silver paint pen.
If anyone else would like to share any storage tips, please post them! I'm always looking for more ways to get organized!


My studio is very organized I use cute basket and boxes and I label everything.If I am not organized I am lost.You look like you are on the right track:0) happy organizing

Great idea! I am the worst person for keeping organized.. but I'm trying at least. I never would have thought to reuse them. They look great also!

My work area is a mess so no advice to give. Just wanted to say what a great idea. I too can't throw anything away (why my area is a mess!) but you found a great use for those jars.

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