Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pillow Giftbox tutorial

With the holidays coming up I thought it'd be a good time to post a handy tutorial on those neat pillow boxes - they're SO easy and fun to make! I apologize ahead for the photos, its hard to take good pictures with one good hand. Well here's what you need: an x-acto knife and a cutting mat or safe surface, a blank card, a ruler for straight edges, a glass plate, and scissors.

the card + exacto

2. open the card and with the NON-sharp side of the x-acto, SCORE (NOT CUT) a straight line about 1/4" up and down one egde. (see picture 8 below to see what I mean)

3. Fold down the scored edge and make sure its really flat by using a bone folder or a pen if ones not available.

4. Fold the card as you normally would and you now have excess paper, so cut that off.

5. Open the card up and put some glue on that flap you made in step 3, close the card and glue the flap to the back, press - use pen to ensure a good bond.

6. This is what you should have - I'm opening it so you can see how its bonded.

7. now lay it flat on the cutting surface. Use that plate as a guide to cut the rounded edges (top and bottom ) . Make sure you cut each end equally - about 1/4" from the top. (it will be the shape you see in step 10)

8. Once you cut those edges off, take your plate again and match it to the corners (red arrows) and use the part of the x-acto the long arrow is pointing at to score a curved line. .

9. Do this to all 4 sides

10. Now draw a half circle at each end on the BACK side only. The back side is the side you see the folded flap seam. (notice I forgot to do it on the correct side- oops!)
11. Cut them out

12. This is where you're at

13. Now fold down each scored flap, the one with the finger hole goes down first. Do that to all flaps.

I hope this was clear. I confuse myself so easily I hope I didnt confuse anyone else.


super cool im scared to try it i feel like i wont succeed lol

I love pillow boxes...THANKS!!!

Thanks for sharing this great how-to!

This is a wonderful tutorial! I never realized how easy they are to make!

thanks so much

That’s too crazy simple. Wow, thanks a million. I LOVE great tutorials with (one-handed) photos!!

Nice blog!

Excellent! The plate idea is ingenius I always thought of using curve rulers but it doesn't turn out as nice! Oh yes, mind if we exchange links?

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