Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Books: Pattern Reviews

I have a love for 2 things; Sewing and Books. My favorite thing is when they come together to create my ultimate favorite thing; a sewing book full of fun patterns. I have numerous crafty sewing books and not all are put to as good of use as I intended when I got them. So here comes the challenge: I will pick one pattern - or maybe a few - from all the books I have yet to make something from. I think all this time I just liked to look at all the fun projects, yet never decided on a fabric to create them - I get very picky about using certain fabrics - like the project has to be worthy enough for me to use my Echino fabric I hold so dear. And God forbid I screw it up and waste the precious fabric. God. Forbid.

 I will be using the following books for this Pattern Review:

I'll be looking at the following:
1. What book,  pattern and the page its on.
2. What fabrics I have chosen - designers, colorways - if available. I do have a boat load of vintage fabrics Morgan gave me that I may use, but we'll see.
3. Clarity of instructions and imagery.
4. Easy/ Difficulty of the pattern (usually stated in the book).
5. Was it fun to make.
6. How do I like the finished product since it can be hard to tell from just the pictures.
7. Whether  I'd  recommend the pattern/book to a beginner or one who wants to sharpen their sewing skills.

I'm excited to do this - it will give me a reason to sew and learn a few new things. I hope to sew some clothing from a few of them too! I have that dress form my husband got me 2 Christmases ago - I should probably use that since he keeps making me feel guilty for not.

I'll get cracking on this asap!


I'm the same way about fabric - and I have hundreds of different prints!

One yard wonders is an awesome book - made my dog the dog bed in there already!

Haha! Yeah, like all things, fabric can be very addictive! I'm glad there are others with this condition!

I cant wait to delve into the 1 yard wonders - there are SO many cute projects in there!

Cool, good idea! I know what you mean about messing up Echinos, I had some of the blue scooter fabric that I decided to finally use a few months ago, and the purse came out awful. I just hate it, and I've never used it. I plan on giving it to one of my friends who liked it, but lord knows why she wants it.

Thanks Chancy!

Oh man, Sara. I'd have probably shed a tear over that! I hate to just 'dive in' a project {tho 9 times out of 10 that's what I do} but I think I will do a trial run with fabric i dont care for then use the good stuff once I'm confident in the pattern!

I was just reading through your blog, Tami. I love all of the purses you made-they turned out great! I just ordered the Sew Everything Workshop book from the library and I'm really excited to look through it. Congrats on making Babble's top 50 Etsy baby shop's list. Hooray for you!

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