Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project Review: Ironing Board Cover

First project review down, who knows how many to go - I haven't counted but I will be doing a few from each book.
This time around I did the Tabletop Ironing Board Cover from One-Yard Wonders, page 54.
I sorely needed to make one for my sad, scuzzy looking ironing board that has sticky residue from my absent-minded ironing of fusible interfacing onto it on more than one occasion.Gross, isn't it?

SO- to the review!
I used flannel for the cover. The flannel is baby blue and brown polka dots and is from the JoAnn Fabrics line.  Why flannel? Why not! I like the soft feel and it was the only thing I had available to me at the time. I'll admit, the only other piece that fit the size was this really pretty Amy Butler fabric I had. But, I suppose the ironing board wasn't worthy of it :)
OK - now the instructions are clear but I would prefer some step-by-step imagery. I learn by seeing; reading about it alone doesn't help my mind comprehend what I'm supposed to be doing. But that's just me.  They didn't note a skill level - but maybe that's so the project doesn't scare anyone away.
I changed a few things from it as well. I didn't make the paper template they suggested, I just used a fabric marker (disappearing ink one) traced around the fabric using the board itself and cut like so:

I also did not use cording or a cord lock (like the things you see at the ends of your hoodie to tighten your hood around your face and make it stay that way). Instead, I threaded some 1/4" elastic in the casing, pulled it taught and tied & sewn the ends.
Overall, it was very simple and fun to make and only took about 45 minutes all together. I like how it turned out. I would recommend this to someone with sewing experience and one starting out as I think it's simple enough.
Now, that is MUCH better!

NEXT UP: Quilted Pot Holders


where do you find this dispappearing ink fabric marker??

Ann, you can find them at any sewing/craft store like Hobby Lobby or Joanns. Or here

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