Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Review: Oven Mitt & Hot Pads

Project Review: Oven Mitt & Hot Pads - One Yard Wonders, page 62.

Alright! Another one from One Yard Wonders! You know what I love about this book besides its multitude of great projects? The fabric choices! Honestly, if the fabric choices are lame or ugly, I'd never buy the book, I don't care HOW cool the patterns are! I may be shallow, but fabrics inspire me. :)

Anyway, back to the review...

Ok, so this one took a bit more time than the last one, but with good reason; you have a bit of quilting to do. I went to Hobby Lobby and got this super cute fabric from Brother and Sister Design Studio (they have quite a fabulous line and perfectly priced too at 4.89 a yard - on sale, but its ALWAYS on sale).  I just burnt my last pair of hot pads on the stove top (no clue how, either - its an electric range with safety settings) so this was another project used to create something I needed.

The instructions were great - very informative and easy to understand. There are quite a few steps, but all are handled as if they had me in mind...very easy to understand.

What I did different:
I quilted with invisible thread. I hate trying to coordinate my thread with fabrics so I go for no color at all. I didn't use bias tape on the hot pads either - bias tape is the bane of my existence. So instead of leaving raw edges, I sewn the holders RST, stitched around and turned right-side out, then used fabric glue to close the opening. I think its good for learning sewers to know that you can always change up a pattern to fit your comfort level. I am not comfortable with bias tape. I know how to use it, I just hate to.

What  I'd recommend: 
Quilt ALL your fabric before cutting any of your pieces out. It says to do this just for the mitt, but do it for all and it'll save you more time and annoyance. Believe me! Also, if your machine has a "darn" switch, use it. It makes the quilting go much smoother and you can have better control of  the design you make.

Overall, it was a great pattern and lots of fun to do. I'd recommend it to all skill levels... though the newbies should watch out for that bias tape!

Here they are and all their glory in my kitchen, ready to protect me from myself.


ty I think this is a good thing to do today....I need em and the snow makes it not good idea to go outside. I guess I should add I have just bought bunch of new fabric to use in my kitchen...so I am excited. TY TY TY

I've been eyeing that project in the book since my hot pads are burned and ill fitting in my retro kitchen. Thanks for the tips!

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