Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog Overhaul

I've been toying around with my blog and I hope I can finally stick with a layout/design Im happy with. I think I got it now. I 've been obsessed with Blogger Buster. Thats how I was able to create 3 columns, add my header Image - since the normal header hasn't been working for a while, make a label cloud...and I 'll probably go back to do more fun stuff. Editing html has been getting easier, now that I got back in the grove of things. If you want to gussie up your blog, that's the place to go!

Another fun thing I found was premade blog templates by Quirky Bird. There are 4 fun themes: *Bird on a Wire*PeepMe*Gnometastic*Funky Sock Monkey. They have easy directions on how to make it your blog theme...make sure you save your current template, otherwise you'll lose all your widgets.


thanks for these tips, i'm definitely going to have to check them out.

Yes, but a caution: it gets addictive!

I like your bird silhouette!

This sounds like so much fun to try..I am very nervous, since I am so slow on learning new things on the computer..will bookmark all the information and read and reread it all..Thanks for the information..
Your blog looks wonderful..You did a great job..

Thank you! you're too kind.

I love your idea!

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