Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snap Shot Feature

UPDATE: I had to take the snapshots off. it was annoying the bejeezus outta me...

I just added snapshot to my blog. If you're not familiar with Snap Shot, its a program that lets you see a link in a little window just by rolling over the link..its usually accompanied by a little thought balloon like so. I am curious as to if those little balloons and pop-ups are annoying..are they???

I got it so I could see all the blogs I love without having to click and go back all the time...I can just see new posts in the little window and if the post sounds interesting, I'll click to see that blog.

If anyone wants to comment and let me know, that would be super!


I think it makes sense- I like it in your blog and I love the page design- blog envy!

Ugh ... sorry, but I have to say I don't like the pop-ups. They annoy me because they often get in the way of something I'm trying to see and/or click.

But you do have a beautiful blog!

I just took snapshots off my blog too... it bugged the bananas out of me! Love your blog!

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