Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deerly Beloved...

I was going through scores of wall art / decals on etsy and the web. I came upon Wallcandy and I must say they have some sickly sweet stuff, but its still really fun. Their prices are not to bad either, considering the size and intricacy of this particular decal kit which contains 1 pink deer & 1 blue deer (21½x14”), 18 flowers, 6 hearts, 9 mushrooms and 12 candies all for a grand total of $50.


I love that wall art, it is really cute! Thanks for sharing!

That is a fabulous wall art design!

I love decals...i just need to figure out what and where to put it!

AH! I love it!! I've been looking for decals and I'm super pumped to check out wallcandy!

Oh my goodness! That is some serious cute!

Oh wow! I'll have to check wallcandy out--super cute decals!!

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