Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage Fun!

I have been addicted to thriftin lately, luckily I have 3 great places nearby to frequent...quite frequently. So yesterday me and Maddy went for a little trip - I was looking for a used picture frame for the print I just bought from The Black Apple since the ones I have are too small and ugly to hold such a work of art. Well, I didn't find that frame, but I did, however, find some really neato stuff! First off I found this Viewmaster from 1952! How cool is that? What makes it 100x better is that it came with a bunch of those round film strip thingies.

The best part: all the little stories in these mini films are actual models - like real tiny film sets with real figurines. I was amazed at how awesome they looked in an artistic sense and age wise - these things are over 50 years old! This is probably the coolest vintage item I found all year. I will definitely keep this one for a long long time! And the kids won't touch it.


I have one of these too! Mine is bakelite and yours looks to be too!! Aren't they so much fun!

I think it is bakelite - how fun!

Awesome find! I love thrift shops :)

Awesome find! I love thrift shops :)

Cool find...
I love to go to thrift shops too!

I bought one of those baterry operated viewmasters for my 3 yr olds class, they enjoy that.

battery operated??..i didnt even know they made those!

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