Friday, August 29, 2008

Out Sewin'

I've been needing to get back to the 'fun' aspect of sewing since that couch upholstering project, so I made a grocery tote and a trapezoid clutch. Sewing is so cathartic for me - unless I have many obstacles that prove annoying (like family :)
But I made these and was happy with the turn out. My pics look like crap, I really REALLY need to work our new camera better!

The tote pic (thats me!) looks horrible because i took it while looking in the mirror and that mirror is about 100 years old., but that tote is HUGE you can probably fit an army in there...well, its not THAT big, but big. The clutch is actually pretty big too. I can fit everything thats currently in my purse in there. All this to say I have finally got back into sewing the things I to sell them- thats another story. I'll be posting them in my shop as soon I can.


I love the clutch purse! The fabric is great. I always love a new bag.

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