Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Cant Believe it, I'm finished!

After countless hours, painful needle stabbings, and cuss works uttered under my breath, that couch is finally done. I almost cant believe it. I keep saying to myself..."I did that? Me? But I'm to lazy to do that!" But I did, by the grace of God, i did. Finally I can take the huge thread and needle out of my overworked sewing machine and replace it with the regular stuff and back to making crafty things. I've avoided making anything else until I was finished with the couch. Not out of determination, more out of me not wanting to change the needle and thread over and over. I really hate that. Thats probably the worst part of sewing, in my opinion. But this is quite a feat for me, and with it all said and done - NEVER ASK ME TO RE-UPHOLSTER ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. just an f.y.i

I also should mention: Morgan helped. He helped gettin things rolling, so thanks morg!


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