Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coffee Break

I was really stressed watching 3 kids today...2 being mine and the other my nephew. They're fine until all are screaming and crying at the same time. I was like "serenity NOW!" So once I got them down for naps and pacified, I decided to indulge myself in my favorite coffee drink. Its like a mocha frappaccino- but home made, not one of those rediculous $4 sucker traps.

SO Here's what I use:

1. Drink Mixer - the kind to make hard drinks, martinis and such
2. Brewed Coffee - I use the whole foods 360 French Roast and grind that up. We only have a 4 cup pot, so i grind 6 tbs of beans
3. 2 tbs. Creamer - not skim or even 2%, it has to be half and half!
4. Ice - about 6 large cubes
5. 1 tbs. Chocolate Syrup - I love Trader Joe's Midnight Moo
6. 2 tbs of Sugar (or agave nectar)

Now I take the drink mixer and add the ice, creamer, sugar, and chocolate. Then I add about 2 cups worth of coffee, close the shaker tightly, shake for a good 20 -30 seconds, or at least till the shaker feels really cold in your hands. Open, taste it so its to your liking, if not, add what you think it needs more of. Pour into a glass (with or without ice in it) and Enjoy!


MMM...That sounds like HEAVEN!

mmm sounds like just the thing you were new sippable retreat is a strawberry smoothie.....we mommies have to get our minute of pure yumminess somewhere right? lol

oh that looks sooooo yummy!! thanks for the recipe!!

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